Services offered at Butterfly Preschool

We offer a variety of opportunities for children to learn and interact with other children as well as adults in both formal and informal settings.

Little Dragons Karate

Every Friday afternoon the Butterfly Children go to the dojo and learn karate techniques with Sensei Shane.

Cost: $2.00 per child per session

Birthday Celebration

When a child turns five we celebrate by inviting eight of their special friends and family to Picolo, a local Cafe where we have hot chocolates.

Dance Classes with Miss Jess

When we dance we learn about our bodies and how they move, we also develop co-ordination, balance, rhythm, gross motor skills, imagination, spacial awareness, increasing control of our bodies, active exploration, been creative, listen and follow instructions have fun and use our imagination.  We are delighted to have Miss Jess come and share her skills with our children every Tuesday morning. 

Playball with Coach's Mike and Carlin

Playball is a pre sport programme played in a fun setting teaching ball skills, coordination, balance as well as much more. Playball's mission is to aid the development of each child through the means of sport, Introducing them to a variety of different sports and games each session.

Cost: $2.50 per child per session

Walking Wednesday

Every Wednesday in Terms 1 & 2 we go on a walk exploring our local playgrounds and parks.


Photo Gallery: Playball Taranaki

Every Thursday our Children participate in a pre-sport programme teaching ball skills, co-ordination, balance and much, much more! So much fun had by all and always an acitivity they look forward to.

Our Butterfly Children learning ball skills, co-ordination & fun!!
Hoolahoop Fun!
Tug a war

21 Normanby Street, Fitzroy, New Plymouth